The Story of Islamic Art in 99 Objects

August – September 2010

This exhibition tells the story of an art infused with the principles and spirit of Islam. Produced to glorify and honour God, the selected objects were executed with exquisite technical and aesthetic refinement. Their exceptional craftsmanship, characteristic of Islamic art at large, is born of the devotion of their makers, transforming these objects into vessels of faith that carry God’s message to those who used them. This unifying pious aspiration transcends the ordinary to produce pieces that seamlessly marry function and spiritual form.

The 99 objects, from ornately illuminated manuscripts, intricate textiles, and splendid ceramics and glass wares, speak of the lives and aspirations of their patrons, artisans, artists, and owners through time. Together, these extraordinary works of art tell a story not in words but in visual and spiritual codes,revealing in both luxury and everyday objects, a glimpse of the sublime.

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