The Farjam Foundation

Khorassan, 12TH Century AD

Embarking on a timeless journey through the history of art

The mission of the Farjam Foundation, a non-profit, non-governmental organization, is to play an instrumental role in inspiring and supporting cultural dialogue. It advocates cross-cultural interaction and learning, using the medium of art and culture to facilitate conversations that transcend borders. The ethos of the Foundation finds expression in its private art collection, known as The Farjam Collection.

This collection, a carefully curated assemblage of Islamic and pre-Islamic art, Contemporary Middle Eastern, Modern and Contemporary Art, offers an important window onto the history of art, bringing together elements from the East and West. The Islamic section provides a comprehensive look at the rich, complex history of Islam.

As part of its mission, the Farjam Foundation has championed educational initiatives and collaborated with local universities and global institutions to foster understanding and artistic dialogue. Offering tours and specialized programs for young scholars and universities, the Foundation acts as a catalyst for better global understanding across cultures, using artistic programs to promote tolerance and exchange.

Since its establishment, the Foundation has taken part in impactful projects in association with organizations such as the United Nation’s World Food Program, the Dubai Cares Foundation, The Prince of Wales Charity Trust, and a number of other international charitable bodies. Proudly supporting The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts and sponsoring the post of Farjam Curator of Islamic Arts at the British Museum, the Foundation’s vision has supported cultural initiatives as a path to a better world.

The Foundation firmly believes in accessibility, offering all exhibitions and programs free of charge and open to the public, with a non-political stance. Its flagship space in DIFC houses a continuous series of themed exhibitions, bringing the Collection to life and delivering related educational programs for public enrichment.

In Modern and Contemporary Middle-Eastern section of the Collection boasts pioneering works by the region’s iconic modern masters. Ranging from established figures to the emerging and avant-garde, the artists represented encapsulate the vibrant and dynamic Middle Eastern art scene.

The Modern and Contemporary Western art section contains important pieces from the Impressionist, Expressionist, Modern, Pop, Minimalist, and Conceptual art movements which include work from internationally renowned masters.

In its entirety, the collection provides an important resource for the study and understanding of the history of art in the world, along a continuum of time and across the axis of geographies.