The Farjam Foundation, open to the public at no charge, is situated in the heart of the Dubai International Financial Center, a premier financial epicenter for the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. It has distinguished itself through the presentation of 28 meticulously curated exhibitions since its inception in 2009. These exhibitions feature an eclectic array of artworks from around the world, encompassing art production from captivating paintings and videos to installations, sculptures, and historical pieces from Islamic art.

The Foundation’s exhibitions have been acclaimed for their comprehensive and diverse nature, delving into themes that connect the past with the present. Each exhibition is a carefully crafted journey, showcasing not just the aesthetic allure and historical relevance of the artworks but also providing enriching contexts that deepen the appreciation and understanding of Islamic and Middle Eastern art. More than just a repository for the private Collection, the Foundation has consistently striven to be instrumental in upholding the cultural landscape, illuminating the rich tapestry of art and heritage.

  • Echoes of Infinite: Poetry’s Visual Symphony

    Echoes of Infinite: Poetry’s Visual Symphony

    A Timeless Tale Reimagined: The Visual History of Shahnameh in Art Join us at The Farjam Collection for “Echoes of Infinite: Poetry’s Visual Symphony”, an enthralling exhibition curated by Marjan Farjam, that delves into the visual narrative of the Shahnameh, an epic masterpiece by Ferdowsi, across the ages. This exhibition offers a panoramic view of…

  • Latif Al Ani “Documenting the unforgettable and the forgotten”

    Latif Al Ani “Documenting the unforgettable and the forgotten”

    November 15, 2022 – present Curated by Morad Montazami Latif Al Ani (1932-2021) known as the “father of Iraqi photography” was the first to capture extensively the cosmopolitan life of Iraq in the 1950s-1970s. His black and white images represent a unique visual memory of the country during its golden age and a major postcolonial…

  • The Sea Was Far Away and the sky further

    The Sea Was Far Away and the sky further

    March 2022-November 2022 What can we learn from nature about the essence of being? Dubai-based, multidisciplinary visual artist, Shagayeq Arabi, sets out to question the flow of existence through evocative natural forms made with locally found objects, cast in their natural environment, to create a context of their own, the context embedding itself within the…

  • Concepts and the Divine Abstract exhibition

    Concepts and the Divine Abstract exhibition

    March-June 2021 (During Covid-19 pandemic lock down) The Farjam Foundation is celebrating the pioneers of the Emirati contemporary art scene in its latest exhibition, Concepts and The Divine Abstract. This will be the first time the Foundation has assembled and showcased its exceptional holdings of Emirati pioneering modern masters to the younger generation of rising artists.…

  • Constellations


    March 2019- March 2021 Over 30 works from The Farjam Collection have been brought together in an exhibition of modern and contemporary Middle Eastern art entitled: CONSTALLATIONS. The exhibition maps some of the brightest examples of modern and contemporary Middle Eastern art over the past century. Each piece tells a different story, making up a…

  • Out of Focus/Union

    Out of Focus/Union

    March 2018- March 2019 The exhibition ‘Out of Focus/Union’ will bring together eight works from six artists in one uniquely captivating and thought-provoking collection. The invited artists have been reveled as Chahine Khosravi, Owais Husein, Halim Al Karim, Imran Channa, Saad Querishi and Afshan Daneshvar. The works to be displayed are described as ‘enablers of…

  • The Everlasting Roots

    The Everlasting Roots

    March – July 2017 In conjunction with Art Dubai, The Farjam Foundation will be honoring the life and work of critically acclaimed artist and director, Abbas Kiarostami. The celebrated filmmaker, poet, painter and photographer passed away in Paris last year. The comprehensive exhibition will survey a range of his photographic series, including: Snow White, Windows,…



    November 2016 – March 2017 In conjunction with DIFC Art Nights, The Farjam Foundation invites viewers to experience a breathtaking collection of portraits featuring Hollywood icon, Elizabeth Taylor. The artworks, captured by renowned photographer, Firooz Zahedi, provide a unique and intimate insight into the late screen star’s first and only visit to Iran in 1976.…

  • ROSTAM RETURNS: The Shahnameh’s Hero in the 21st Century

    ROSTAM RETURNS: The Shahnameh’s Hero in the 21st Century

    March – November 2016 The Farjam Foundation, in conjunction with Art Nights at DIFC and Art Dubai, cordially invites all art and culture enthusiasts for a viewing of its upcoming exhibition, “Rostam Returns: The Shahnameh’s hero in the 21st Century.”  The show will portray a unique experience of an ancient cultural theme through the eyes of a contemporary artist.  Inspired by Rostam, the national hero and the…

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