Out of Focus/Union

March 2018- March 2019

The exhibition ‘Out of Focus/Union’ will bring together eight works from six artists in one uniquely captivating and thought-provoking collection. The invited artists have been reveled as Chahine Khosravi, Owais Husein, Halim Al Karim, Imran Channa, Saad Querishi and Afshan Daneshvar.

The works to be displayed are described as ‘enablers of a new era of apprehension, conveyors of subjectivity, and compressors of time’.

Originating from the Indian subcontinent, Iran and Iraq, the works of this talented group of international artists will unite to offer an insight into their neighbouring geopolitical divergences and convergences, while exploring the notions of perception, division, and unity.   The interrelated works selected for display aim to provide exhibition visitors with a profoundly personalised experience, as the intricate dynamic of every piece allows each individual to see something in it that other viewers may not. Thus, the exhibition will offer visitors the opportunity to explore entirely new visual perceptions through works that embody intangibility, vagueness, impalpable and unfocused forms.

Guaranteed to be a reflective and visually striking encounter, visitors to the exhibition will be immersed in the artists’ meticulous efforts to transform the viewer’s gaze into a living, perpetually evolving experience in its own right. Through blurred images, peripheral visions, repetition and echoing effects, viewers will experience how the artists aim to move the course and system of vision from the eyes to the heart.

The audience will benefit from a fascinating insight into how the artists use symbols, words, and sounds to alter their perceptions of the world to the visual space. Combining works from the Middle East and Indian subcontinent, the exhibition will convey a sense of how united cultures and collective consciousness is achieved across geopolitical boundaries.

Underlining the complementarity between these artists’ works, the Out of Focus/Union Exhibition will introduce their distinctive creative talents to a new audience and position them on a new, international stage. In doing so, it will envelop their shared identities and experiences in a sophisticated form of artistic expression and provide visitors with new insights into the notion of unity.

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