Educational Initiatives at the Farjam Foundation:

The Farjam Foundation passionately supports educational and cultural enrichment through diverse initiatives, including scholarships, internships, and broad community engagement. Our programs are designed to foster access to superior education while nurturing arts and cultural growth.

Key among our offerings are the scholarships and internships program, aimed at students with aspirations in art and culture. These opportunities afford both financial aid and practical experience, enabling students to pursue their passions and hone their talents.

Further, we actively engage the community through outreach efforts such as guided tours, workshops, and cultural festivals. These activities offer insights into the Farjam Collection and Middle Eastern cultural heritage, encouraging cross-cultural appreciation and understanding.

The Foundation is committed to enhancing educational infrastructure and resources, particularly in underserved areas, by backing the construction and refurbishment of educational institutions and supplying essential learning materials.

Our educational endeavors serve multiple purposes: they provide critical support to aspiring art and culture professionals, promote cultural appreciation across diverse audiences, and improve access to quality education. Through these efforts, the Foundation strives to cultivate a more inclusive, knowledgeable, and culturally rich society.

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