Echoes of Infinite: Poetry’s Visual Symphony

A Timeless Tale Reimagined: The Visual History of Shahnameh in Art

Join us at The Farjam Collection for “Echoes of Infinite: Poetry’s Visual Symphony”, an enthralling exhibition curated by Marjan Farjam, that delves into the visual narrative of the Shahnameh, an epic masterpiece by Ferdowsi, across the ages. This exhibition offers a panoramic view of the artistic evolution that the Shahnameh has inspired from the 15th century to the contemporary art scene.

The exhibition invites the viewer to embark on a historical journey that begins with the intricate Persian miniatures of the Timurid era, unwrapping the opulence of Safavid illustrations reflecting the glories of ancient Persia. These masterpieces serve as a testament to the enduring appeal of the Shahnameh’s narratives, illustrated with meticulous details that capture the imagination.

The exhibition displays pages from texts inspired by the Shahnameh’s storytelling tradition, such as the Faramarznamah, GarshasbNameh, and Borzunamah – all of which contribute uniquely to the rich tapestry of Persian literary and artistic heritage. Visitors will view historic pages that offer a glimpse into the expansive influence of the Shahnameh on subsequent generations of storytelling and art.

Continuing into the present, the contemporary Iranian artist Arash Nazari has re-imagined the legends of the Shahnameh with a fresh and innovative lens. His work explores the seamless blend of historical depth with modernity, reviving ancient stories for a new generation.

The exhibition charts the metamorphosis of characters and landscapes from the Shahnameh, mirroring the shifting sands of the artistic milieu in Iran and the broader Middle East. From the rich heritage of traditional manuscripts to the bold frontier of digital artistry, the exhibition celebrates the saga of storytelling through the ages. The Shahnameh’s tales, along with those of its literary offspring, are not just narrated but visually sung, composing a ‘symphony’ that resonates with the soul of Persian culture.

Nazari navigates the complex dance of cultural identity, intertwining themes of displacement and the struggle between tradition and modernity.

We cordially invite you to wander through the corridors of history, and to witness the enduring legacy of the Shahnameh as it continues to shape and inspire the canvas of Iranian and Middle Eastern art.

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