Nujoom: Constellations of Arab Art from The Farjam Foundation

November 2010 – March 2011

Nujoom: Constellations of Arab Art from The Farjam Foundation aims not to be a comprehensive representation of artistic production in the Arab world, but rather, as the title implies, a selection of artworks that together, form a vivid picture of the region’s artistic landscape. This selection is the fruit of a passionate collector’s journey through artists’ studios, art galleries, and auction houses across the world. Whether pursued with determination or discovered serendipitously, these works were gleaned because they stand out.

The selected works cover a span of ninety years. Each piece tells a different story, making up a narrative that is as chaotic, disjointed, and complicated as the history of the region over the same period. Yet, despite their differences, challenges, and plural perspectives, the countries that constitute what is referred to as the Arab world are also bound by strong cultural ties, and commonalities inevitably emerge in their art.

The artists in the exhibition, a sample of those included in The Farjam Foundation at large, reflect the seasoned taste of a serious collector. Defying predictable categorizations, they offer a powerful reminder that letting art speak for itself encourages curiosity and sparks fresh perspectives. All we have to do is look carefully and take notice.

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