Jazz From Paradise

February 2012 – March 2012

Following on from the success of The Farjam Foundation’s exhibition of intricate Safavid era carpets, The Farjam Foundation is pleased to present ‘Jazz from Paradise’, a display of the finest hand-knotted contemporary Iranian carpets to generate further awareness of the fine museum-quality carpets produced in the present day.

This exhibition will present Persian carpets from a historic and artistic point of view, allowing those with interest the opportunity to decode the icons in the patterns and design of the carpets and realise the artistic achievement and technical craftsmanship of each beautiful hand knotted example. ‘Jazz From Paradise’ will shed a light on the negative effect of technology on the art of hand knotted carpets and provide a rare opportunity for all to witness the creation of a carpet from a near distance as a weaver and a designer will be present throughout the exhibition.

From the private collection of Dr. Farhad Farjam, roughly 25 Miri Creations carpets have been selected for exhibition. Razi Miri, the founder and head designer of Miri Creations, was a pioneer in reviving the true art of the genuine Persian carpet. His work influenced many other carpet creators to follow in his footsteps and save this ancient and authentic art from ruin. Each carpet on exhibition is a unique work of art bearing the highest quality of any carpets created by Miri Creations. 

Jazz From Paradise will open on Monday 13th February from 7pm at the Farjam Foundation, Building 04, Gate Village, DIFC and continue until the 13 March.

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