AWARE: An Artistic Collaboration With The United Nations World Food Programme

January 2013 – March 2013

The Farjam Foundation is proud to present its collaboration with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to start off their 2013 schedule. The AWARE exhibition presents a stunning array of artworks by emerging and established Middle Eastern artists. The participating artists generously donated each one of the exquisite works on display. The exclusive group includes: Parviz Kalantari, Athier, Farideh Lashai, Marwa Adel, Abdul Qader Al Raes , and Ahmad Esfandiari, among other renowned artists. The exhibition features a visually stimulating collection of contemporary paintings, sculpture, and calligraphy.

This exhibition commemorates a candid overview of Middle Eastern artists whose energies, stories, and imaginations encourage us to think in new ways about art and the surrounding world around us. The show honors their artistic achievements and celebrates the region’s radiance while also instigating a broader understanding for the altruistic endeavors that better humanity.

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