September 2014 – March 2015

On September 14, 2014, The Farjam Foundation presents the exhibition #Interference, a selection of works from the Farjam Collection. The Foundation has commissioned Curatorial X, a Paris based curatorial collective agency specializing in the development of interactive museum exhibitions to launch a cyber dialogue. As part of a larger global initiative, this innovative twitter-format exhibition provides a unique platform for experts at the forefront of their fields as well as other international participants to respond to the exhibition’s principal question: Why is it vital for creativity to play a central role beyond the realm of art? To ignite a reflection upon social matters, #Interference was conceived as a digital format exhibition with an interactive panel, aiming to discuss subjects and questions that travel far beyond the traditional limits of art.  

#Interference brings together a collection of works by artists of diverse backgrounds, age groups and techniques. The exhibition explores their individual relationships with the world that surrounds them, taking into consideration present-day realities. #Interference also delves further into how creativity should play a more active role on a global scale and hence shape socio-economic and political discussions. “This exhibition is composed of three principal themes: cross-cultural identities, socio-economic and political realities teamed with contemplation and spirituality and finally the idiosyncratic alterations of a 21st century globalized world dominated by technology.”

World-renowned experts from a wide array of fields are showing their support and involvement for this project by contributing their opinions live on twitter from the launch date of the exhibition. Follow us on Twitter #interference.

Curated by: Curatorial X, Paris

Produced by: l’Atelier Camelia, Dubai 

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