Islamic Art Collection

The Farjam Collection warmly invites you to delve into its Islamic Art Collection, a treasure trove of artistic achievements from the Islamic world. This expansive collection, featuring over a thousand artworks, spans centuries and continents, offering a rich tapestry of cultural and artistic expression.

Our curated selection boasts an impressive range of art forms. Rare manuscripts and vibrant ceramics stand alongside detailed metalwork and exquisite calligraphy. The collection also highlights the beauty and craftsmanship of lacquer and woodworks, showcasing the intricate designs and techniques developed over the ages.

In addition to these, the Farjam Collection proudly presents an array of coins and jewelry, each piece reflecting the economic and aesthetic values of its era. The elegance of glass art within our collection captures the delicate balance between form and function, celebrated throughout Islamic history.

Islamic calligraphy, revered for its aesthetic appeal and spiritual significance, is a cornerstone of our collection. This art form, embodying the divine beauty of the written word, features works from renowned artists whose creations span a diverse spectrum of styles and epochs.

The diversity and breadth of our collection, from manuscripts to metalwork, and from lacquer to ceramics, underscore the rich artistic heritage of the Islamic world. Pieces from Spain to India illustrate the evolution of Islamic art, revealing the unique contributions of various cultures to this vast artistic domain.

Every artwork in the Farjam Collection serves as a window into the past, offering insights into the social, cultural, and religious fabric of Islamic civilizations. These historical artifacts are not only objects of immense beauty but also bearers of stories and traditions that have shaped the world.

Our goal is to nurture appreciation and understanding across cultures through the power of art. The Islamic Art Collection stands as a vibrant testament to the enduring legacy and creativity of Islamic artists, aiming to inspire dialogue and discovery among our visitors.

The Farjam Collection is not merely a museum; it is a vibrant meeting point for art and culture, inviting exploration, learning, and inspiration. Join us on a captivating journey through the art and culture of the Islamic world, as revealed through its lacquer, woodworks, manuscripts, coins, jewelry, glass, and ceramics. Welcome to the enriched and expanded realm of the Farjam Collection’s Islamic Art Collection.