The Silk Road: An Exhibition on Cross Cultural Influences From The Farjam Foundation

September 2012 – January 2013

Highlighting ancient and monumental works of art, The Silk Road, An Exhibition on Cross Cultural Influences from The Farjam Collection presents an impressive display of creative innovations and artistic traditions ranging from the Middle East to Eastern Asia. The exhibition will feature ancient scroll paintings, delicate porcelain ceramics, detailed miniature paintings and antique glassware and pottery. Travelling through the Silk Road trade route era, the show will expound upon the revolutions and influential developments during this historical period, which have not only enriched the cultures of the East but have also shaped the civilizations of the West.

The Silk Road was a pulsating network of trade arteries splitting and converging across the breadth of Eurasia. The route traces not only the establishment of trade and military armies, but also the passage of ideas, religions and inventions through many centuries. The Farjam Collection has selected specific pieces for the exhibition that emphasize the cultures and artistic revolutions from Japan, China, India, and Persia.

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