1971: Contemporary Art From The UAE

October 2015 – December 2015

The Farjam Foundation, in its quest to discover, harness and bring awareness about regional talent, is delighted to dedicate a special exhibition entitled 1971: Contemporary Art from The UAE to showcase the works of established and emerging Emirati artists. The exhibition epitomizes the embodiment of the artists’ creative skills and their extraordinary harmonious relationship with their homeland.  It delves into the innumerable nuances of the deep culture, the ever-changing landscape, and the rich history of the UAE. 

The year 1971 signifies a turning point in the UAE’s history with the unification of the seven independent emirates. The Farjam Foundation is of the view that, it is the eternal bond formed by this unification that has since been a vehicle for the phenomenal rise of Emirati talent.  “Today, more so than at any other time in the history of United Arab Emirates, the pace at which the Emirati artists are expressing themselves is at its peak and expanding with exhilarating speed. A careful look at the history of the country indicates that a major catalyst to this surge can be attributed to the unification. It is therefore an honour and delight that we celebrate the works of talented artists whose creative process were, consciously or unconsciously, triggered or stimulated by the passion and bond of the unification.,” said Farhad Farjam, Founder and CEO of the Farjam Foundation.  The Photography section of the exhibition includes works from Anas Al Dheeb. H.H. Sheikha Lateefa Bint Makhtoom, Lamya Gargash and Maitha Huraiz. Paintings include works from artists such as Abdul Qader Al Rais, H.H. Shaikha Alyazia Bint Nahyan Al Nahyan, Hussein Sharif, Khawla Al Falasi, Khadija Sultan Al

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